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What are my treatment options in ayurveda? What are my chances of getting cured? Which ayurveda hospital should I be going to? How do I make sure that I’m paying the right price for my ayurvedic treatment? What all do I need to know? How can I stay safe and stress free right from from planning to my discharge and departure? Who will be my destination support? - These are some key questions that every patient has.

Take assistance from Kerala Ayurveda Help Desk. We will support you through all stages of your treatment planning, give you the information you need to reach the right decision about your ayurvedic treatment and help you get the best possible treatment outcome for your condition.


Kerala Ayurveda Help Desk's assistance - How it works

Follow our 4 steps to ensure that your ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is successful. 

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Find & Book The Right Ayurveda Centre For You

Booking assistance. We share details of three ayurveda centres which are most appropriate for your treatment and help you book the centre you choose. 

Visa Assistance & Airport Pick Up 

Be safe and travel conveniently to your hospital. Ambulance transfers can be arranged, if required. 

Kerala Ayurveda Help Desk charges a fee of Rs.700 (USD 10) per patient for the treatment planning services. This is a one time fee and no other fee is charged by us

 3 Top Pointers For Your Ayurveda Treatment In Kerala

Best ayurvedic medical attention: As a patient coming for a medical treatment, your first priority is to get cured of your ailment. Find ayurveda doctors who are experienced in treating patients like you.  Other factors like the ayurvedic medicines used, manufacturing standards and practices and the patient care standards followed by the ayurveda centre are equally important.

Right price: You don't want to over pay or under pay. Make sure the price you pay is consistent with the standards followed and amenities offered by your ayurveda centre. Cheap prices may mean inadequate medical attention, part time availability of doctors, inexperienced ayurveda therapists, poor quality medicines, unprofessional staff etc.

Safety & Hygiene: Ask questions to find out the safety practices followed right from your airport pick up. Hygiene practices followed in the treatment rooms as well as in daily housekeeping are important factors in determining the overall quality of your treatment and stay.



FAQ and Guide to Ayurvedic Treatments


Ayurveda treatment in Kerala: Disease treatments & Wellness treatments

Ayurveda treatments are available for two purposes - (1)  to cure and manage diseases i.e. clinical ayurvedic treatments for patients  (2) to preserve health and delay ageing i.e. general ayurvedic treatments for wellness. 

 Clinical ayurveda for diseases

  For cure and management of diseases

Kerala Ayurveda Treatments for Medical Conditions - Shirodhara

  Orthopaedic ailments

  Skin diseases

  Lifestyle related diseases

  Neurological disorders

  Asthma & respiratory ailments

  Diseases of the digestive tract

  Stress related diseases

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 Ayurveda for general wellness

  To delay ageing and prevent diseases

Kerala Ayurveda Treatments for Wellness-Abhyanga


  General Rejuvenation

  Weight loss treatment

  Stress relief & management

  Anti ageing

  Skin & Hair care

  Yoga & Meditation retreat

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What is the difference between ayurveda treatments for patients and ayurveda treatments for wellness?

The science and the underlying principles are the same in both cases. Both disease treatments as well as wellness treatments involve external therapies and internal medicines as prescribed by the physician.

Depending on the type, severity and chronicity of the disease patients usually require more rigorous and specialised treatments. Hence patients should go to experienced ayurveda physicians and follow their treatment suggestions including diet and lifestyle modifications strictly for the prescribed period of time.

Ayurvedic wellness treatments can be adapted to some extent to suit your time availability.


What are the benefits of taking my ayurveda treatment in Kerala?

Here are some ways in which Kerala offers the best in ayurveda treatments: 

Ayurveda in Kerala is highly evolved: In Kerala, ayurveda has an unbroken history of being practised as a mainstream system of medicine for centuries. Kerala remained protected from foreign invasions to a large extent which helped early vaidyas to evolve and perfect their healing systems. Today with the largest number of ayurveda medical colleges and physicians and consistent state support, ayurveda research continues to make advancements in Kerala. There’s no other place in the world where ayurveda is practised in a more authentic and vigorous manner.

Kerala has the best ayurveda physicians in the world: Kerala’s ashtavaidyas are world renowned for their practice of ayurvedic medicine. Many of today’s modern day ayurveda physicians in Kerala have had the advantage of learning from and training under the ashtavaidyas.

Medicines used in Kerala ayurveda are found to be high in efficacy : Around 48% of Kerala’s land is occupied by the Western Ghats mountain range( a UN Natural World Heritage site and a biodiversity hotspot). The resulting peculiar climate and soil constitution yields a wide variety of unique medicinal plants, high in potency. This led to ayurveda treatments based on exclusive herbal formulations avoiding the use of metal or mineral based drugs.

Kerala’s weather is most suited for ayurveda treatments: Kerala's high humidity increases the efficacy of ayurveda treatments because it opens body pores and help better absorption of the medicinal oils used, thus aiding healing.

Kerala has some of world’s best ayurveda treatment centres: Apart from their treatment expertise, Kerala's ayurveda treatment centres are also known for their beautiful locations, world class amenities and warm hospitality.

Kerala ayurveda treatments offer specialised care for patients:  Many ayurveda treatment centres in Kerala have developed specialist expertise in treating diseases of the spine and vertebra, arthritis, diseases of the eye, skin diseases, menstrual disorders, pediatric diseases, cancers etc.