Guide to ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Kerala Ayurvedic Centres

There are mainly two categories of ayurvedic centres in Kerala for residential ayurvedic treatments: ayurveda hospitals and ayurvedic resorts.

Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala

Clinical treatment facilities 

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments for Diseases

  • For patients
  • Traditional ayurvedic treatments
  • Renowned, award-winning physicians
  • Specialist treatment expertise
  • Private room/suite/cottage accommodation

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Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala

Luxurious treatment facilities on islands, backwaters and beaches 

Panchakarma and Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments for Wellness

  • For patients as well as others 
  • Qualified physicians and therapists
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Ayurveda centered culinary & learning activities, cultural performances
  • Local trips, cruises and walks

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Kerala Ayurvedic Centre : Frequently asked questions

How are ayurveda hospitals and ayurvedic resorts different?

Ayurveda hospitals are mostly for patients whereas ayurvedic resorts receive patients and guests who come in for rejuvenative treatments. Hospitals focus on treatment outcome while in an ayurvedic resort, there is also emphasis on the guests’ experience, luxury and hospitality. Guests can enjoy a relaxing health retreat in a picturesque location with beautiful views and in an environment of hospitality, luxurious amenities and learning activities centered around ayurveda. Ayurvedic resorts may also arrange for short sightseeing trips and village exploration trips. 

Which is the best Kerala ayurvedic centre?

Different ayurvedic centers have earned the reputation for being the best in different areas. Ayurvedic centres in Kerala also vary significantly in the kind of accommodation and amenities offered and their prices. While some Kerala ayurveda centres have earned global recognition for their medical expertise, some others have won awards for being wonderful health retreat destinations. Your choice of treatment centre should largely be guided by your purpose, needs and budget than any random rank list.

What does it mean if a Kerala ayurvedic centre has a Green Leaf or an Olive Leaf certification?

Olive or Green Leaf certification means that the centre meets the basic minimum standards set by the government for ayurvedic centres in Kerala. There will be a qualified ayurvedic physician, trained ayurveda therapists for men and women, good quality equipment, adequately spacious treatment rooms, transparency in the treatments provided and medicines used, hygienic rest rooms and clean surroundings. Green Leaf certification is the higher of the two and means that the ayurvedic centre meets some additional criteria like high quality furnishings, a picturesque and quiet environment, parking space, a garden of herbs and availability of a hall for yoga. The certification is done by the Dept of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala.

Why does the Department of Tourism certify a Kerala ayurvedic centre ?

Kerala has many small and large ayurvedic centres in the private sector run by ayurvedic physicians, traditional ayurveda families, entrepreneurs and corporate groups. In addition to patients, most of these centres receive a large number of international and domestic tourists who come for wellness treatments and health retreats. The Dept. of Tourism introduced the Green/Olive Leaf certification to avoid tourists being misled by unauthorised ayurvedic centres.

Is Green/Olive Leaf certificate mandatory for ayurvedic centres in Kerala to provide treatments?

No, it’s optional. But since a lot of people look for the certification when they book their treatment centres, many centres apply for it.

Are Kerala ayurveda centres with Green/Olive Leaf certificate always better than other centres?

No, not always. Green/Olive Leaf certification is only a system to ensure a certain minimum quality of experience to tourists. There are high quality, approved treatment centres in Kerala which provide authentic and traditional ayurvedic treatments to domestic and international clients but have not applied for a Green/Olive Leaf certificate.

Is it alright to go to an ayurvedic centre in Kerala without Green Leaf/Olive Leaf certification?

Yes, if you have adequately researched the centre through reliable sources of information and found it a good match for the treatment you need. On the other hand, it would be unwise to rely entirely on casual remarks made on the internet by people you don’t know and  go to a treatment centre without any certification or accreditation.

What should be my top 3 criteria in choosing a Kerala ayurvedic centre for my treatment?

There are hundreds of ayurvedic centres in Kerala. Many of them have gained local, national and international recognition for their excellence in treatments. But there are also treatment centres that do not follow the principles of ayurveda rigorously. So it’s essential that you research and plan in advance. Your primary decision making criteria could be these three things: (1) The chief physician’s or the treatment centre’s expertise and reputation (2) the type of accommodation provided and available amenities (3) cost of the treatment

What support can I get from Kerala Ayurveda Help Desk for my ayurvedic treatment in Kerala?

If you are looking for residential treatments, we can support you in three ways:

  1. Find and recommend reputed ayurvedic centres that are a good match for your treatment needs, accommodation preferences and budget
  2. Offer exclusive price discounts and easier payment terms
  3. Facilitate and coordinate your communication with the treatment centre

These services are free of charge.