Guide to ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala

An ayurvedic resort is a treatment centre with all the facilities of a world class resort. They are built in some of Kerala’s best holiday locations and are designed to make the treatment period work like a rejuvenating vacation. Guests enjoy early morning sessions of yoga near the beach, undergo ayurvedic treatments as planned by the physician and at other times relax by the pool or attend the various classes on ayurvedic lifestyle and cooking organised by the resort. An ayurvedic resort is open to patients as well as others.

Consider these factors while choosing an ayurvedic resort:

Type of resort:
You may come across two kinds of ayurvedic resorts in Kerala - specialised and generic. Specialised ayurvedic resorts offer only ayurveda retreats and have all their amenities and activities centered around guests who come in for ayurveda. On the other hand, generic resorts have both ayurveda and non ayurveda guests and offer ayurvedic treatments alongside a range of other leisure activities . If you and everyone else coming with you are coming primarily for ayurvedic treatments, then a specialised ayurvedic resort may be the right choice for you. Whereas if you are coming with children or in a large group where only one or two people intend to take treatments, then a leisure resort with an ayurveda facility may be a better choice since everyone will have things to do.

Kerala is a beautiful land of beaches, islands, backwaters, hills, rural landscapes and waterfalls. Ayurveda resorts are spread across the state. You may want to choose your resort based on your location preferences.

Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala : Frequently asked questions

Do ayurvedic resorts in Kerala provide treatments for patients?

Yes, approved ayurvedic resorts in Kerala employ ayurvedic physicians and trained therapists and have the necessary infrastructure to provide treatments to patients. In fact, there are many ayurvedic resorts which regularly treat patients with chronic diseases. However in case of a serious, complicated illness, an ayurveda hospital may be a better choice. 

How are ayurvedic resorts different from leisure resorts?

The focus of an ayurvedic resort is on providing ayurvedic treatments as planned by the physician. All activities at the resort are planned in such a way that treatments are not disturbed and guests enjoy a holiday experience alongside their treatment while also learning more about ayurveda in general. Chefs in ayurvedic resorts are trained in ayurvedic ways of cooking, vegetables are often sourced from on-campus organic vegetable farms and buffets serve a variety of tasty, traditionally cooked vegetarian food. Alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed in ayurvedic resorts. 

What are the amenities and activities available at ayurvedic resorts in Kerala?

Ayurvedic resorts plan their amenities and activities such that guests get an overall exposure to the ayurvedic lifestyle and learn the ayurvedic ways of life. Guests also get an opportunity to learn yoga and meditation from experienced teachers and may get to try ayurvedic ways of cooking with an ayurvedic chef. Guests spend most of their time at the resort undergoing treatments, attending sessions by ayurvedic physicians, learning yoga etc. with occasional local sightseeing trips that do not disturb the treatment. Altogether, it’s a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 

What is the approximate cost for treatment packages at ayurvedic resorts in Kerala?

Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala offer you the additional value of enjoying a vacation alongside your treatment and are in general, more expensive than ayurveda hospitals. The average all inclusive daily price (room tariff, all treatments, all meals, all taxes) with a standard room is around INR 7,500 (USD 110)  for single occupancy. In five star resorts, this could go upto INR 25,000 - 30,000 (USD 370 - 440).

Are the treatments offered at ayurvedic resorts and ayurveda hospitals in Kerala any different?

Many ayurvedic resorts in Kerala offer treatments for patients as well as others whereas most ayurveda hospitals only offer full-course treatments for patients. Disease treatment at an ayurveda hospital will be for 2-4 weeks; an ayurvedic resort may offer wellness treatment packages of 3 days as well as disease treatment of 4 weeks.