Guide to ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Rejuvenative Wellness Treatments

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Ayurvedic treatments are available for:

General Health & Well Being 

Panchakarma / Detoxification

Anti Ageing / Kaya Kalpa 

Skin & Hair Care

Stress Relief



General & Rejuvenative Ayurvedic Treatments : Top frequently asked questions

Who can undergo ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments?

Generally, anyone between the ages of 25 and 70 years who wants to protect their health and is free from major illnesses can undergo rejuvenation treatments. It may be especially beneficial for those recovering from illnesses and for those suffering from stress, chronic problems in digestion, weak memory and obesity. Kerala receives a large number of professionals, entrepreneurs and others from all over the world who come with the purpose of relieving stress, getting rejuvenated and preventing lifestyle related diseases. It is also a common practice for many non resident Indians to take ayurvedic treatments in Kerala when they come home to India. 

What are the benefits of ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment?

The purpose of rejuvenation treatment is healthful longevity. It slows down the ageing process and keeps the signs of early ageing at bay. It delays degenerative processes and improves the functioning of all fundamental organs of the body. It can cure chronic illnesses, increase resistance to illnesses, give freedom from  degenerative disorders like arthritis and old age related diseases, improve mental clarity and memory, sharpen sense organs and restore young looks. Thus even when one is in their 80s and 90s they remain able to do their daily activities independently. In ayurveda, the aim of rejuvenation is to help one have a strong body and a clear mind so that the spiritual aspect of life may be explored. 

How does the rejuvenation treatment work?

Rejuvenation treatment works by improving metabolism and sustaining the balance between anabolism (tissue gain) and catabolism (tissue loss).It strengthens digestive fire and improves microcirculation, thus improving the delivery and assimilation of nutrients and producing the best quality body tissues. 

How does ayurvedic treatment delay ageing?

Ayurvedic anti ageing treatments use panchakarma procedures and rejuvenation treatments to reverse and delay the effects of ageing to some extent. The treatments are done with the purpose of strengthening the body, achieving freedom from illnesses and extending the lifespan. Panchakarma procedures remove the toxins accumulated in cells through the lifetime while rejuvenation treatments nourish the cells and awaken the regenerative powers of the body. The ayurvedic medicines used in the treatments activate different protective mechanisms of cells and increase the cellular antioxidant resistance.

How does ayurvedic treatment help in weight loss?

Ayurveda takes a personalised approach to treating obesity. Since there are different reasons for obesity, treatment is determined based on the kind of disturbance in metabolism that is causing the weight gain.

Treatment focuses on clearing toxins in the fat channels to reduce the production of fat tissue, strengthening digestion, improving dietary habits, lowering stress and correcting inappropriate daily routines using a combination of herbal medicines, special ayurvedic treatments, specific yogasanas, meditation and a diet prescribed by the physician.

Which is better for general ayurvedic treatments - ayurveda hospitals or ayurvedic resorts?

It’s a matter of personal choice and depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to enjoy a serene and relaxing vacation where you also learn more about the ayurvedic lifestyle while undergoing your treatment, ayurvedic resorts are a good choice. Besides qualified physicians and therapists, they usually have beautiful locations, hotel like hospitality services and more leisure amenities. Ayurvedic resorts organise backwater cruises, ayurvedic cooking sessions, yoga and meditation classes, talks on ayurveda etc. for their guests.