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Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala for Back Pain 


Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for Low Back Pain




Understanding Back Pain

Back pain is perhaps today among the top 5 conditions for which people come for ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. The rising incidence of back pain across the world is alarming.  In fact, back pain is today a leading cause of work absence throughout much of the world - there are even cases where people have had to quit work or change careers because of back pain. Most often, painkillers are the first resort, but very soon the condition reaches a chronic state where the person finds that their personal, social and work lives are severely affected. Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala has gained worldwide acclaim today for its effectiveness and holistic approach. With a single course of panchakarma treatment in Kerala that lasts 21 to 28 days , most people are able to get back to their normal lives and remain pain free for a lifetime.


How does lumbar disc disease cause back pain?

Lumbar disc disease is one of the most common reasons for back pain. Ayurveda understands disc disease as a condition that happens when vata dosha - one of the three doshas in our body - goes out of balance. Many things can throw vata out of balance - injury, ageing, poor posture and various dietary and lifestyle factors including stress. Whatever be the underlying reason, vata dosha imbalance leads to disc degeneration and subsequently, disc thinning, disc bulge, disc herniation etc. and pain. Therefore, ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala is mainly focused on restoring the balanced state of vata dosha and arresting disc degeneration.


How does diet trigger back pain?

Wrong diet habits cause an imbalance in vata dosha and lead to disc disease. Some common diet related reasons are overeating, untreated indigestion causing constipation, consuming food items causing gastritis, having curd at night, overuse of some dairy products like cheese / butter, excessive intake of non vegetarian food or fried foods, drinking chilled water / beverages, excessive use of some specific vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes etc. When you come for ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala, spend some time with your ayurvedic physician discussing your diet and habits to identify what you may be doing wrong.


How does our lifestyle cause back pain?

Ageing is the most important reason for back pain, but these days we find that many of us get back pain at a very young age. This is often due to chronic stress, injuries or our wrong dietary and lifestyle practices. For eg, riding two wheelers for long distances, prolonged sitting /standing, lifting heavy weights, overuse of mobile phones, exposure to extreme cold, poor sleep habits etc are some common factors that lead to repetitive injuries to the backbone and trigger disc degeneration. When lumbar discs degenerate and dry up, it causes disc thinning and bulge leading to wear and tear of vertebral bones, inflammation, nerve impingement and radiating pain in the legs. Since lifestyle plays a crucial role in managing the disease, ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for back pain includes lifestyle education and modification.





Ayurvedic treatment for back pain


When should you consider ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for back pain?

If your back pain was caused due to some minor injury or overactivity, the pain will subside with rest in 2 or 3 days. Instead if the pain persists or increases, or if it affects your mobility, then seek treatment at the earliest. Because if you allow back pain to persist for a very long time just resorting to temporary measures like painkillers, it could progress to a severe, continuous pain and cause complications like muscular weakness, numbness, paraesthesia, scoliosis and an abnormal style of walking. The inflammatory changes and excessive degeneration will lead to osteoarthritis and formation of osteophytes. So once you find that the pain is persistent in nature, seek ayurveda treatment in Kerala as soon as you can.

What is the first step that you may expect when you come for ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala ?

When you come for ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala, you will have an in-depth, personal consultation where your physician will assess factors that may have caused back pain in your case - diet and lifestyle, any predisposing factors like family history, history of injuries, your natural constitution, the strength of your digestion, state of mind etc. as well as the stage and progress of the disease. Based on this assessment, the physician prescribes a course of treatment that addresses all factors that led to the disease.


What are the different steps followed at a Kerala ayurvedic centre in the treatment for back pain?

The general line of treatment followed at a Kerala ayurvedic centre in the treatment for back pain is a nourishing protocol. Your treatment may start with rukshana therapy which includes internal medicines as well as external therapeutic procedures like podi kizhi (powder massage), lepanam (medicine application) etc. Therapies to restore vata dosha balance include snehanam (oiling therapy), veshtanam (bandaging), abhyangam (oil massage), ela kizhi (massage with pouches made of medicinal leaves) and pizhichil (rhythmic oiling by pouring medicated oil on both sides). Panchakarma treatment for back pain includes vasti (medicated enema) which will be given in order to expel the excess doshas, thereby balancing them. The last stage in the ayurveda treatment for back pain will include specific exercises for the back and physiotherapy. Spinal yogas will be advised to strengthen the back muscles and increase blood circulation. Meditation training will go in parallel.


How successful is the back pain treatment in Kerala?

Back pain treatment in Kerala gives excellent long lasting results because it addresses the root cause of the disease; it is not merely a pain relieving treatment. It reduces the degenerative processes in the body, addresses all existing symptoms and reduces the chance of recurrence of lumbar disc disease. Treatment strengthens spinal muscles thereby preventing excess load on the spine and increasing the spinal strength. Treatment also increases bone strength, increases blood circulation and thus provides the required nutrition to discs. Rehydration is attained. However, do keep in mind that all symptoms may not disappear completely in the first two to four weeks of treatment. The complete results of ayurvedic treatment for back pain may only be expected in about 2 to 3 months after treatment, provided you follow the doctor's discharge advice and have all medicines as prescribed. If you take good care, you may be able to remain pain free for a lifetime.




Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle tips 


What will you need to do after your discharge from the ayurveda hospital in Kerala?

The most important thing is to be regular with your medicines. You may be advised 2 to 3 months of medicines to be taken at home. Even if all the symptoms disappear, do not stop the medicines during the prescribed period. After your ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for back pain your body will be in a sensitive state and you may feel tired since a lot of tissue repair will be happening in your body, so following the advice will help in fastening the healing process. In most cases, you can start working soon after you get back home, but avoid physical and mental stress like long drives, negative emotions, lifting heavy weights etc. Avoid exposure to wind and harsh sunlight; use protective clothing. Avoid excessive talking. Avoid swimming, long drives and trekking for a period of one to two months. Shower / bathe in hot water. If you have any difficulties or doubts, get in touch with your doctors by email or phone; they will be most happy to support.


What is the diet advised in the ayurvedic treatment for back pain?

Make drinking hot water and having freshly cooked homemade meals your habits. All foods that cause you gastritis and constipation should be avoided. Avoid overeating and avoid junk food. Eat at regular times. Avoid curd at night. Use of vegetables like potato, cabbage etc should be reduced. Reduce spicy, hot and vinegar added items. Avoid chilled drinks and refrigerated food. Include soups, salads, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Before your discharge from the ayurvedic centre in Kerala, discuss your daily diet with your ayurvedic physician and take their advice on what needs to be changed.


What is the lifestyle advised in the ayurvedic treatment for back pain?

Go for a walk everyday, but do not expose your body to very cold weather. Do not over exercise.
Practise yoga and therapeutic exercises. In case you are not able to do it early in the morning, you may do yoga anytime on empty stomach (2 hours after food).
Sleep by 10 p.m. and wake up by 6:00 a.m. Avoid sleeping during the day.
Avoid stress. Meditate for at least 10 minutes everyday.
Even the best ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala will only be fully successful if you follow a healthy lifestyle.




Back pain due to lumbar disc disease has become very common these days. Our changing lifestyle with increased working hours and stress leading to sleep problems is found to be a common reason. Sound sleep and regular exercise are essential to prevent back pain. While back pain caused due to a minor injury may go away on its own, you must seek treatment if you find your back pain to be persistent or recurrent in nature. Due to their fast paced lives, most people ignore backache initially and rely on pain killers to go on with their work and lives. Painkillers fail to offer anything more than temporary relief and cause many side effects. Back pain treatment in Kerala offers a lasting solution and may be the best available treatment today. Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala offers a chance to restore health, revitalize and rejuvenate the whole body causing no side effects. It teaches you a new way to live a long and productive life.

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Why does ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala require 3 to 4 weeks?

There is a common misconception that a few ayurvedic massages can relieve back pain. While it is true that massage can provide temporary pain relief, only a full course of treatment can provide long lasting, full result. In order to address the root cause of back pain, panchakarma treatments are required. Panchakarma treatment in Kerala is done in a step-by-step manner - it involves a preparatory stage, a main stage and an after stage. If these steps are not done correctly, treatment will not be fully effective. When a patient refuses to undergo treatment for 4 weeks, the physician will be forced to limit the treatments to provide only temporary symptomatic relief.


Why is it necessary to stay inpatient for ayurvedic treatment of back pain?

Many people believe that massage is the main part of ayurvedic treatment for back pain. This is not true. Often a complete panchakarma course is required which can only be done properly as an inpatient, under constant medical guidance and monitoring. Some treatments require that the patient stays in a certain kind of environment, avoids exposure to some things and has a special diet. In the absence of these factors, treatments may even have a harmful effect. So if a patient does not stay inpatient, the physician will not be able to administer some key treatments which are required for back pain cure.


I have a desk job. How do I take care after my ayurvedic treatment for back pain?

In order to continue to enjoy the results of your ayurvedic treatment for back pain, it is essential to take good care of your spine. Sitting for long hours causes disc degeneration by increasing vata dosha. Along with this, if you maintain an odd posture and do not use an ergonomic seat, the pressure along the lumbar area increases leading to a strenuous environment causing degenerative changes to accelerate. You can prevent it by strengthening your muscles and developing good habits like getting up from your seat frequently and doing stretches.


Why is rest advised as part of ayurvedic treatment for back pain?

During the ayurvedic treatment for back pain, you will be advised to give rest to your spine.Taking rest helps to alleviate vata and this is the main reason why the patient experiences comfort after a rest. On taking rest, the pressure on lumbar discs decreases and there is no extra strain to increase localized doshas. This will help to reduce the inflammation and also slow down the degenerative changes. The best way would be lying on your back on a firm surface like a wooden cot or a mattress that does not sag.

Is ayurvedic treatment for back pain beneficial in cases where surgery is advised?

Low back pain is caused by vertebral degeneration and associated inflammation. Ayurveda has excellent treatments to address this problem in a holistic manner and strengthen the spine. Therefore, in most cases, it would be better to undergo ayurvedic treatment for back pain before trying any surgical treatment. However, if you have been advised surgery, make sure you discuss this in advance with your ayurveda physician and present all available diagnostic reports.

Is it possible to take ayurvedic treatment for back pain without coming to Kerala?

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain includes many therapeutic procedures that can only be done as an inpatient, so it becomes essential that you stay at the ayurveda hospital during treatment. Kerala has some of the best ayurveda doctors and ayurveda therapists in the world and there are many unique treatments in the Kerala ayurveda approach which are particularly suited for the treatment of back pain. Therefore it is recommended that you come to Kerala for your ayurvedic treatment of back pain.